Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Case Study: Fiona

Fiona has been caring for her young son for the past three years. Her boyfriend Jim controls their finances, and questions where every penny has gone when Fiona returns from the supermarket. He refuses to give her money for petrol or for the bus. Although Fiona contributed to the deposit for their house, her name is not on any of the mortgage documents. Jim insists that Fiona needs to get a job. When Fiona started work, she found that being at work was far easier than being at home and asked for as many extra hours as possible. Being back at work boosted her confidence, and she built connections with her clients and colleagues.

Fiona left Jim when she felt she had enough money to support her and her son, and they moved into temporary accommodation. Her commute to work is now longer and the added pressure of being a single parent means she has had to reduce the number of hours she is working. She’s struggling to concentrate on her work and is having difficulties with time management. She’s forgetting meetings and missing deadlines. Fiona’s line manager Cathy asks Fiona if there is anything she can help with, as she has noticed a change in her work performance. Fiona is embarrassed but tells Cathy what has been happening. Although she has left Jim, he’s still in contact and continues to abuse her. Cathy is able to work with Fiona to have her role moved to another site closer to her new home and also helps her access the flexible working policy to fit around childcare. Within the year, Jim has stopped contacting Fiona and she is feeling more settled. She’s been able to take on more responsibility at work and was successful in applying for a promotion.

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