Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Case study: Safety planning

Nasra works for an insurance company, AKB, and disclosed to her line manager, John, that she is experiencing domestic abuse. She is planning on leaving her partner but is worried about what might happen. When she tried to leave before, the abuse got worse. In the past, he had turned up at her workplace when she wouldn’t answer his phone calls. She is worried that if she leaves again that he might show up at her work and harass her or her colleagues.

John referred Nasra to the local Women’s Aid and said that AKB were able to support her while she leaves her partner and relocates to a new house with her children. He asked what kind of support she needed. They talked about creating a plan to ensure Nasra’s safety at work, as well as getting to and from work. They agreed to change her start and finish time so her partner wouldn’t know when she would be arriving and leaving. As well, they arranged a system that if Nasra didn’t make it to work that John would call her mother to check in on her. AKB also provided two weeks of special paid leave to enable Nasra time to move to a new house, and register her children at a new school. They also agreed that John would tell the staff team not to share any of Nasra’s personal details so her partner wouldn't find out her new address.

John also agreed a time to check in again with Nasra to see if AKB needed to change or amend any support she was receiving.

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