Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Case study: Raising awareness of domestic abuse in the workplace

A recruitment company, Curate, decided that they would like to do more to raise awareness about domestic abuse across the business. The owner of Curate wanted to highlight to staff that support was available for those experiencing domestic abuse. They developed a workplace policy on domestic abuse and they wanted to make sure that staff were aware of it. They created a leaflet and poster explaining how staff could access support if they were affected by domestic abuse. They put the leaflet and poster in visible places around the workplace, including the noticeboard in the staff room.

To make sure that information was reaching all staff members, they put posters with information and contact details for local Women’s Aid services on the back of toilet doors. They also put up posters that had information on different forms of domestic abuse and signs a colleague might be experiencing it.

The owner also decided to do a lunch time event on where they distributed leaflets and postcards about promoting respectful relationships in the workplace and invited all staff to attend.

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