Progression and Promotion

Progression and Promotion

Case Study: Michelle

Michelle and Jim work in the sales team of a telecommunications company. Michelle has worked there for five years, and Jim started 18 months ago. Michelle has to leave the office at 4.45pm to pick up her son from nursery. Stan, the Sales Director, is usually in the office until after 7pm. In the last few months, Michelle has noticed that Jim has been staying on late at work too.

Stan announces at the next team meeting that he has promoted Jim to Team Leader and will now head up the Sales Team. Michelle is shocked as she has more experience and a better sales record than Jim. She decides to confront Stan to ask whether she had been considered for the role. Stan says he knows she has a lot on her plate with looking after her son and thought it might be too much pressure for her. Stan said Jim had proved himself over the past few months by staying late and helping him out with the sales strategy.

Michelle is frustrated and feels that although Jim might be good in the new role, it was unfair not to give her a chance as well. Michelle feels the decision was based on Stan’s perception of commitment to the company. Michelle soon leaves to work at a competitor company which operates a flexible working environment.

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