Women's Jobs, Men's Jobs

Women's Jobs, Men's Jobs

1Are there any types of jobs within your company that are done by mostly men or mostly women?

2Do you formally advertise all vacancies?

3Are there any jobs for which there is a minimum qualification?

4Do you offer training to your staff?

5How is training allocated to staff?

6When do training courses usually take place? (Please tick all that apply)

7Do you offer online training?

8When do staff complete online courses? (Please tick all that apply)

9When staff complete online training in their own time, can they use IT equipment belonging to the business?

10Are resources available for staff to do training not relating to their current job?

11Do you ever retrain staff so that they can do a different job role within the company?

12Do you provide support for staff working towards work-related qualifications? This may include a financial contribution, paid time off, study leave or flexible working.

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