Workplace culture

Workplace culture

1Are vacancies ever filled without being advertised?

2Do you use any of the following to help you gather information on job applicants before shortlisting?

3Are staff on maternity leave made aware of new vacancies?

4Do you interview candidates as part of the recruitment process?

5How many people are usually present on an interview panel?

6Do you keep records on any of the following, broken down by gender?

Job applicants
Applicants shortisted
Successful applicants
Requests for flexible working
Sickness and absence
Return to work after maternity leave
Staff taking paternity leave
Disciplinary issues
Staff leaving the company

7Do staff receive equality training?

8Do you have workplace policies that deal with any of the following issues?

Equality and diversity
Equal pay
Flexible working
Bullying, harassment and victimisation

9Do any of your female staff require personal protective equipment to do their jobs?

10Do you ensure that your female staff have well-fitting and appropriately sized PPE?

11Do you communicate with staff about changes to the business?

12Do staff meet regularly with line managers to discuss individual progress?

13Do staff regularly work beyond their contracted hours?

14Please tick either ‘Agree’ or ‘Disagree’ for the following statements

We expect everyone to do their bit to get the job done.
Staff who routinely work late are more committed to the company.

15Are core team meetings scheduled at times where all staff, including those working part-time, are able to attend?

16Do staff participate in networking with business contacts or clients?

17Where does this networking take place? (please tick all that apply)

18Are you aware of any female staff leaving because they were unable to balance work with family and caring responsibilities?

19Do staff normally take the full two weeks of their Ordinary Paternity Leave entitlement?

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